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Transformation Through Coaching

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You feel like life is passing you by and you are powerless to stop it?
  • You keep thinking that there has to be something more than this?
  • You dread to go to work more days than you don’t?
  • You wake up tired, fearing what the day has in store for you?

What if I told you each of your worries and concerns can be addressed. That you can – 

  • Unlock and unleash your potential
  • Live a life of less stress
  • Deepen your understanding of how to access your infinite potential?
  • Transform results in your workplace

Would you like more self confidence, self belief and to unlock your true potential?

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About Louise

Louise is a mum of four children who works, as a senior manager in the health care service as well as a coach. Louise has experience of working in a variety of healthcare settings, mostly in acute care settings, and has worked as a nurse, ward sister, bed manager, general manager and services manager.

Like most people today, Louise found it challenging to keep the plates of everyday life spinning and there were occasions in the past when these plates came crashing to the ground.

Through developing a deeper understanding of how the mind works, Louise has been able to not only keep her own plates spinning but has learned and developed the skills to support others to unlock their potential by gaining a deeper understanding of how one’s mind works.

Louise’s motto is that ‘nobody needs to be fixed because nobody is broken’.

Through coaching Louise will support you to deepen your understanding and increase awareness of the belief that she now sees to be true.

The belief that we all have an innate health and wellbeing within waiting to be unlocked and that at times some simple misunderstandings can get in the way of achieving this

Programme 1

Programmes are tailored to meet and suit a client’s individual needs or preferences once an initial non-committal introductory conversation has taken place with Louise. Standard packages are for a minimal of 3 months period, which includes coaching sessions either via the internet or in person.

Coaching is an opportunity to unleash your potential and this package includes one to one coaching sessions as required over the 3-month period to explore and deepen understandings of how the mind works to create the life that you deserve. The Dalai Lama once said that “the purpose of our life is to be happy” and this can be one of the biggest benefits of coaching.

To find out more about the programme please enter your first name and email in the form below and I will be in touch.

Programme 2

To find out more about the programme please enter your first name and email in the form below and I will be in touch.

This is Louise’s tailor made Retreat programme

Join Louise for a 2 day package of coaching, reflexology peace and tranquillity. This will enable you to get the space and time to allow your mind to settle.  This retreat will take place in an environment that is created to nourish your health and well being, which will allow you to emerge with fresh clear thinking. Allow yourself to step off the conveyor belt of life to experience calmness and stillness that can soothe your soul.


Initially I was worried about coaching and was somewhat apprehensive. …..I came for coaching as at that time I was making a decision about my career…… Louise’s approach was very professional…… I started to view my options much more clearly and now feel more confident……. If I had not gone for the coaching sessions I would not be in the positive place I’m in now…… Both my mental and physical health have improved……

AnnMarie M

Tyrone Northern Ireland

I was a bit sceptical……..I felt as though I was exposing myself……..Louise was very easy to talk to…………Louise made me realise that I was the leader of my own destiny…….. If I feel things are getting on top of me I take a step back and evaluate or I ask Louise for a chat for a bit of clarity………..Coaching has also made me realize that everybody else is dealing with their own demons……. coaching has given me the clarity to ignore the chatter box in my head……. Never thought I would say it but Coaching is very beneficial….….I see things from a different perspective and it changed things for the better.

Eileen M

Derry Northern Ireland

I was a little dubious as I had never done anything like this before…… I which I had done this sooner…… (Louise) has given me the tools to look at things differently and the courage to do a lot more things….. It has been a great experience…. Everything fell into place and it all made sense…… Louise had given me foundation ……It has been a real positive experience……

Hillary Y

Buckinghamshire England

I seemed to be just running from “pillar to post”…….. Your delivery allowed me to vocalise a lot of the issues, especially work related, that were troubling me…… It really was my opportunity to focus on what was causing me concerns……. Since the coaching I would find that I am much more mindful of situations……… I can clearly distinguish between what I can do or need to do and not simply taking in information/situations…….. It has left me with the ability to be clearer in what I can do……

Patricia H

Derry Northern Ireland

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